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32 Questions to Ask on a Senior Housing Tour

When you’re ready to tour a senior living community, it’s important to prepare yourself. Although your senior living professional will be able to show you around the community, they may not address all of your questions unless you ask them.

You should be prepared with questions to ask on your visit about staffing, living spaces, activities, health care, nutrition and whatever else may come to mind.

We’ve put together a list of 32 questions in several categories that you might find helpful while visiting a senior living community. Take these with you and ask them if they haven’t already been answered for you. That way, you can make your final decision with confidence.


  1. Are staff members onsite 24/7?

  2. Are staff members subjected to background checks?

  3. Is the staff trained on elder abuse and neglect?

  4. Does the community have a policy to report suspected abuse?

Living Spaces

  1. What floor plans do you offer?

  2. Are your residences furnished or unfurnished?

  3. Can residents decorate and personalize their own spaces?

  4. Is internet access provided? Wi-Fi?

  5. What is your pet policy?

  6. Is housekeeping included?


  1. What types of activities are available to residents, and how often do they occur?

  2. Is there a posted schedule of events and activities?

  3. Are residents actively encouraged to participate?

  4. Do you provide transportation to the grocery store?

  5. Are there opportunities to interact with the surrounding community, such as scheduled outings or volunteering opportunities?

  6. Is live entertainment part of the activities schedule? If so, what kind, and how often?

Health Care

  1. Do you have nurses on staff?

  2. Do you have an in-house physician?

  3. Does someone on staff coordinate home health care visits if needed?

  4. Are services such as hospice and physical therapy available?

  5. Are incontinence supplies included?

  6. Is there a written plan of care for each resident?

  7. Do you have transportation for doctor’s appointments?


  1. How many meals are provided per day?

  2. Are there snacks available for residents?

  3. Can meals be provided at varied times, or are there set times for meals?

  4. Can meals be tailored to a resident’s specific needs or special requests?

  5. Are residents allowed to take food back to their rooms?


  1. Are overnight overnight guests allowed?

  2. Are visitors allowed at any time, or are there specific visiting hours?

  3. Are religious services provided onsite or available nearby?

  4. Are there any other extra fees? If so, what are they?

Of course, if you have more questions, feel free to ask. Senior communities should be happy to accommodate you and make your visit more enjoyable.

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