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Why Move to a Senior Living Community in the New Year

Each year while we watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in Times Square, people around the world make New Year’s resolutions to improve their health, take up a new hobby and better their lives. Statistics show that 50% of us make resolutions yet only 8% of us actually follow through with our well-intentioned goal.

This year, make your new year’s resolution to move to a vibrant senior living community; a place that provides an enhanced quality of life and the support you and your family desire when needs change.

Why Live in a Senior Living Community

As challenging as 2021 has been on all of us, this year as we ring in the new year it’s important that we focus on our overall quality of life. There’s no better way to ensure your health and well-being is the best it can be, than a move to a senior living community.

Below are 5 benefits you’ll find when you choose a retirement community as your next destination:

  1. A Greater Sense of Fulfillment. According to the Mather Institute’s Age Well Study year two results, residents from life plan communities report feeling like they have more meaning in their lives. As a senior living community resident, you aren’t wasting hours on lawn care, home maintenance and daily chores. Instead, you’re able to do more of what brings you joy in life, like traveling, taking an instructor-led exercise class or exploring a new hobby or interest.

  2. New Social Relationships. A greater sense of purpose also comes from your relationships and social interactions. A recent study on the effects of social interactions on emotional well-being found that both relationships with family members, friends, neighbors and acquaintances are needed for emotional wellness. As a senior living resident, you’ll meet new neighbors and friends who can improve your mood and help you avoid physical isolation and feelings of loneliness.

  3. Increased Activities and Opportunities. In your current lifestyle, you have to proactively seek out your recreation center, social clubs and group activities. In a senior living community, however, you have easy access to on-site programming. Senior living offers countless social events and recreational programming for residents to enjoy on a regular basis – activities that are tied to increased well-being and self-efficacy.

  4. A Maintenance-Free Lifestyle. As a homeowner, you have to pencil in time to mow the lawn, shop for a new appliance and shovel snow off your driveway. You spend a significant number of hours every week maintaining your home, leaving you feeling frustrated and even putting you at risk of injury. Senior living communities like Silver Maples of Chelsea manage these mundane tasks for you! A maintenance-free lifestyle means you can enjoy a life of leisure and convenience, choosing to participate in the activities and events that interest you the most.

  5. Greater Financial Security. Home ownership requires you to budget your money for mortgage payments, utility bills, transportation and groceries. You also have to deal with unexpected costs, like when an appliance malfunctions. As a senior living resident, utilities, maintenance, property taxes and even some of your meals are included. This gives you the freedom and peace of mind to spend your money how you want during your golden years.

Choose an Engaging Life at Lakeside Place

Make moving to Lakeside Place new year’s resolution! From fine dining, resident committees and group outings to social and enrichment opportunities, you’ll find a warm, friendly and active lifestyle you won’t want to miss. It’s never too early to plan for a future move. Contact us today to set up a tour and learn more about our community’s living options. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you find a retirement lifestyle that fits your individual needs – we want to be a part of your future!

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